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Training centre Dialoog has been engaged in teaching languages and economics for 30 years already. During these years we have gained sufficient experience to offer our learners high-quality refresher courses.

Public limited company Dialoog AS is one of the best training companies in Estonia (according to Estonian biggest business newspaper "Äripäev" TOP 1998, TOP 1999, TOP 2000, TOP 2002, TOP 2003). Being a member of the Association of Estonian Adult Educators (AEAE) ANDRAS we also cooperate successfully with the EU Phare Language Teaching Programme.

Dialoog holds education licence no 1.1.-3/16/82 issued by Ministry of Education and Research. This means that Ministry approves our programmes. 

Our training centre has three departments in different places of Estonia – in Tartu, in Tallinn and in Narva. You can study in all these towns. Lessons take place in comfortable classrooms provided with modern teaching equipment. One of our classrooms is situated in the centre of Tallinn, three in Narva and four in Tartu. The addresses of the classrooms in Tartu are 43 Anne Str. and 9 Turu Str.. In case of ordering a programme, where you study longer than two “academic hours” (45 minutes) at a time, you are offered coffee or tea during the break.

All our teachers are highly qualified and experienced, our teaching materials are modern and they help to create an exciting learning process. Teachers also use various additional materials. The most important objective of our courses is to achieve the communicative target – language is a means of communication.

Our long-term courses lasting for an academic year start mostly in September and finish in May or June. It is possible to join the study groups in the middle of a course as well, according to the level of your language proficiency which you can determine together with the teacher. Lessons one-to-one  are also available at any time and with such an intensiveness that is suitable for the learner.

Courses can be paid for by instalments, in such a case we will enter into contract with the learner and add a schedule of payments. The first two days of a course constitute a trial period, when you can decide whether the study group, teacher, methodology, teaching materials and level of the course are suitable for you. During these days you are enabled to change the group, hand in an application for a refund (the fee for the first two course days shall be subtracted from the amount) or terminate the contract.

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