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Dialoog offers visitors from other countries the possibility to study Estonian and Russian in groups or individually. Foreigners have also ordered a course of the Finnish language or the international students studying in Tartu have participated in our English language courses. But the languages of most interest are Estonian or Russian. As in case of all courses we stick to the principle that language is a means of communication. We have set the goal that each learner could communicate in the language he/she is learning. All language teaching aids have been applied to achieving this goal. Through studying a language the learner will also get acquainted with the corresponding culture. In case of need more attention shall be paid to professional vocabulary.

Among the foreign learners the most popular language has been Estonian up to now. In addition to learning a language people take part in our courses to get acquainted with our culture and traditions. Sometimes the interest towards the Estonian language has been motivated by family relationships, sometimes by business contacts or by seeking new markets and opportunities. We can offer people coming to our courses the possibility of living in an Estonian family, we can take care of booking a hotel room or arrange a cultural trip. Teaching programme shall be devised after determining the level of language proficiency, after it is already known how many lessons the learner is willing to take and what his/her aim is. It is also possible to register for a course or to order private lessons via Internet before the learner has arrived in Estonia. It depends on the prior level of the learner's language proficiency and on his/her aims whether we can offer him/her language teaching in a group or individually. In a group the Estonian language can also be learnt on the basis of Russian and English, individually it is possible to learn Estonian in addition to the above-mentioned languages also on the basis of German, Finnish, Swedish, Latvian or Italian.

But why study Russian in Estonia? Wouldn't it be more reasonable to study it in Russia? Our clients say they do like to study Russian in Estonia as it is still more secure here. On request the learner can live in a Russian family. In such regions of Estonia where Russian community has lived for a long time already and where Russian traditions have become deeply established, it is possible to get acquainted with a specific and interesting culture and to communicate in Russian. Our courses are also cheaper than language learning in Moscow or St. Petersburg. Teaching programme shall be devised according to the learner's wishes and needs concerning lexis and grammar.



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